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The Beach Keepers Club started out as a way for us to connect and give back to the community and clean up our Beach.  In 2016 we held the first Beach Keepers Club event on Fort Myers Beach and had an amazing turnout of 86 people.  Today, with over 400 people attending our annual event, it has inspired us to expand our concept of what the Beach Keepers Club can be. Now YOU can join the Beach Keepers Club from wherever you are be a part of the impactful and helpful movement. Cleaning up your community is more than just a day, it’s a way of living and a lifestyle and we want you to be a part of it. We encourage you to keep that in mind when you are out on walk, hanging out at the beach or a local park and to pick up any spare trash that you see.


We kicked off the launch of the Beach Keepers Club with a VIRTUAL CLEAN UP on May 22nd & 23rd! Thanks to everyone who participated from your local community. More clean ups are being planned for members throughout the year!

Anytime your cleaning up, share your photos, clean up finds, and more with Tunaskin by using tagging @tunaskin on Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtag #TSKBeachKeepersClub.

The Beach Keeper Virtual Cleanup is just the beginning!

Our vision for this movement is to be more than just one day… Being a Beach Keeper means leaving places better than you found them EVERY DAY. All water leads to our oceans and everyone can make a difference no matter where you are! We envision this as the start of what the Beach Keepers Club will become.  Join us today to become an Official Beach Keeper Member for $40 and receive your Official Beach Keeper shirt, made with fiber that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. You will also receive an Official Member sticker and be eligible for future giveaways. As we build out this movement you will be the first to know about new virtual cleanups and opportunities to make an impact in your local area.

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Once a year Tunaskin hosts an in-person clean up at each of our store locations! We look forward to having you join us! Dates of future in-person clean ups will be posted below.


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