Beach Keepers Club Chapter Logo


The Beach Keepers Club started out as a way for us to connect and give back to the community and clean up our Beach.  In 2016 we held the first Beach Keepers Club event on Fort Myers Beach and had an amazing turnout or 86 people who attend and today with over 400 people attending our annual event it has inspired us to expand our concept of what the Beach Keepers Club can be.  We are looking to you to help us establish new Beach Keeper Clubs led by local leadership with support from Tunaskin.  Through local chapter leaders, our vision and mission to hold area cleanups and grow the membership of the Beach Keepers Club can grow to be an impactful and helpful movement.  Each Chapter will help build momentum to carry on our goal when we established the Club to partner with local businesses and connect with members of the community by cleaning up the areas we live, work, and enjoy.  We encourage you to let us know you’re interested to find out more information by completing the application below and a member of our team will reach out to you.

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