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September marks two years of the Tunaskin Original Collection! Our Design Team has enjoyed making these one-of-a-kind designs each month! To celebrate the anniversary of the Original Collection, this month’s design is a remix of our very first release from September 2019. Don’t miss this special edition shirt with a new front design and now on a Silver Echo Performance Hoodie. The hand-drawn design is inspired by our roots and is a combination of all the fun and beautiful things you can find and see in our state of Florida. Featuring some of Florida’s iconic wildlife, aquatic and outdoor adventures, landmarks and Tunaskin locations.

Shop this Tunaskin Original on Men’s and Women’s Silver Echo Collection Hoodie. Engineered 100% from recycled materials, the lightweight fabric will keep you cool and protected from the sun! Limited quantities available, get one before they sell out! Thank you to those who have been shopping the Original Collection from the beginning and those who have found us along the way. We look forward to another year!

Product Password for Early Access is sent through the Team Tunaskin Newsletter at 11AM, 1-Hour before the shirt goes live at 12PM.

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September Original Collection

The TUNASKIN ORIGINAL COLLECTION is a selection of  distinctive designs released in very limited quantities for those who appreciate and search for the rarities in life.  These handcrafted designs are developed by our design team and printed by our production team here in our Tunaskin Headquarters.  They reflect the passion we have for the apparel trade and push our team to develop new and creative ideas only to be ever made for a select few to enjoy.  The collection will feature authentic hand drawn designs with one of a kind character.  The collection is focused on creativity and attention to detail.

Here is the way to stay informed and be in the best position to get a Tunaskin Original Design. We will be randomly releasing each original every month through notices on our social media pages, but for first access to get one yourself, be sure to join our Team Tunaskin e-mail newsletter. Along with the latest news on Tunaskin, we will release the Tunaskin Original password 1 hour before our social media channels, to give our Team Tunaskin members opportunities through a password secured accessible site for a chance to view and purchase one of the 50 original designs released before everyone else. Once the 50 are gone, they will never be made again no matter how fast they sell out. This project is meant to be fun and creative and our team is excited to share these designs with you.