When we began our development of the ECHO Performance fabric we wanted to source the highest quality, eco-friendly material on the market.  Nothing else compared to the level REPREVE is manufactured to or met the standards found in the manufacturing process of the REPREVE fiber. We knew that only REPREVE would be used for our ECHO Performance fabric.

All great things take time, which is why REPREVE is the leading branded recycled fiber. It took years to develop the unique and proprietary process used to create one of the most earth-friendly fabric ingredients in the world.  Going far beyond sustainability, REPREVE® features state-of-the-art performance technologies:

+  Moisture wicking inherent in the fiber
+  Water resistance that’s not a coating.
+  Dynamic cushioning
+  Proprietary traceability.
+  Certified for recycled content.
+  And is trusted by the world’s leading brands

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It all begins with plastic bottles. REPREVE has their own processing center where they collect, sort, and prepare the bottles to be recycled. From the start, REPREVE is able to verify what material is going into their fiber. The fiber is made in their LEED Certified manufacturing plant using sustainable practices, like solar energy, to reduce their impact on the environment.

Repreve Process Timeline
Echo Collection Men's Long Sleeve

How do you know how many bottles are in one shirt? Each of our garments undergoes REPREVE’s Bottle Calculation process which is a strict process where each garment is individually analyzed.  They in turn, provide the correct bottle consumptions based on fabric yields and fabric content to provide the total number of recycled bottles in each product.

REPREVE holds TUNASKIN accountable as well, every year we are required as a brand to have our fabric certified by their labs as a point of accountability and integrity to make sure we are making our products out of what we are saying we are.

REPREVE has set out to protect their brand and hold the brands who use their fiber accountable and also have taken steps to make sure that the integrity of the REPREVE name is never compromised.

They use Certified Recycled Content by SCS Global Services to make sure they are using 100% recycled material.  That was important to us to make sure not only can we prove 100% that our products are made with what they are said to be but you can feel confident that purchasing our products made with REPREVE are from recycled materials.

Every recycled bottle that is transformed into REPREVE and woven into a TUNASKIN Echo Line product means a little less petroleum was wasted. And a little less pollution created.  Small changes can create big movements and that is the purpose of the TSK ECHO Line.  Every product made with REPREVE helps echo that movement and we are proud to do our part.

Echo Collection Final Sentence