The Ahi Breeze Men’s Hoodie and Women’s Cover Up Dress are exceptionally made from Nilit™ nylon and crafted with technical properties to enhance the fit, performance and durability. The fabric is ultra-soft, lightweight and provides a sense of being cool, dry and comfortable.


COOLING: Made to adapt to the environment, the cooling effect of the fabric helps maintain a comfortable body temperature during and after physical performance or in hot weather. Proven in lab testing to keep your skin –3.5°F +/- cooler, during and after the rigors of any outdoor activity. 

UV PROTECTION: With a UPF+ 50 rating, only 2% of ultraviolet rays can penetrate the fabric giving you the sun protection needed while living a crazy good day.  

BREATHABILITY: Efficient ventilation of the fabric facilitates optimal physical performance. The Hoodie features an enhanced design to provide additional ventilation with breathable under arm mesh and ventilated hood. 

SUSTAINABILITY: The Nilit™ fabric is a sustainable nylon sourced from Israel, developed to make long-lasting, exceptionally made products that will stay looking like new and reduce the textile waste burden on landfills and oceans. With sustainable practices in place, they are continuously seeking innovative methods to improve the carbon footprint, performance, lifespan and biodegradability of the products made while also minimizing the impacts on land, water, oceans and natural habitats. 


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