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Tunaskin is proud to partner with Plant A Million Corals to support their passion of ensuring the survival of our reefs globally.

With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds will go towards helping Plant A Million Corals continue their efforts to further coral restoration programs around the world and recover lost reefs.

Now more than ever, we can make a difference with the purchase of our exclusive Tunaskin and Plant A Million Corals design. This collaboration will be featured on our men's and women's Echo Performance apparel which is made 100% from recycled bottles!

Restoring 100 Year Old Coral in 2 Years

With 25-40% already lost, the worldwide coral population is in incredible danger. But there is hope. Dr. David Vaughan has been able to reproduce thousands of fast growing & resilient corals that can help to recover the lost reefs.

Through the process of micro-fragmentation, rapid growth and healing happen at rates 25-40x faster than they occur naturally on the reef!  This has a huge impact on the rate at which we can save and recover the lost reefs!

Doing Our Part

Tunaskin had the opportunity to visit Plant a Million Corals Foundation on Summerland Key, lend a hand in the micro fragmentation process, share our passion for conservation, and see first-hand the work they are doing for coral reef restoration not only in the Florida Keys but worldwide!

It is truly inspiring to see the hard work and dedication that goes into every aspect of their “Farm” from the zero waste construction of their nursery tanks to the off-the-grid solar powered facility complete with a composting toilet.


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