The Ahi Project is an exclusive line of performance products that are developed from a special collection of materials and advanced design concepts developed exclusively by TUNASKIN.  The Ahi Project as a whole and all the products that receive this designation are built on three foundational elements. Technical. Innovative. Performance.

Ahi One Long Sleeve

The AHI ONE is the first product to be launched in the collection.  This technical buttondown shirt was developed with over 2 years of design work and sourcing of materials.  The design started with developing the correct fabric and through collaboration it has taken form as our most complex and complete design yet. 

White Ahi One Detail
Azure Ahi One Detail

Each product starts with an in-depth design process focusing on even the smallest details.  From fabric and color selection to the number of stitches per inch, each element of the garment is taken into consideration. The Ahi Project products use the newest fabrics, construction processes, and styling concepts as part of the commitment from TUNASKIN to be an innovator and leader in technical apparel for the aquatic sports industry.

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